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Does Size Matter?

What fun! It’s not as risque as it looks!  It’s just a dog-lover’s magazine published in England in the mid-1990s.  I was looking for something else on my eBay shelves and came across this tucked away in the corner!


Dogs Today–Published in England July 1996

Adult Coloring Book


Have you tried the new adult coloring books?  Here’s one with paisley designs–ready for your creativity!  It’s listed on auction right now: click here to see it!
The Paisley motif derives its name from the town of Paisley in Scotland, where, in the nineteenth century, machine-woven woolen shawls were manufactured to imitate the luxurious Indian shawls that were imported from Kashmir.
The coma-shaped designs originated with the Moghuls (what they represent is uncertain).  Because the motif is capable of tremendous variety in form and color, it has been favored by designers for use in textiles and graphics.


Beatles Fan Forever!

BeatlesPricesI was a teenager in the 60’s–the Beatles were everywhere!  I still have some of the old Beatles Cards, an old scrap book I made, and one of John’s books.  This Beatles Price Guide shows that one book is worth $50!  I’m just not sure whether I want to get rid of it yet…I keep telling myself “it’s just stuff” and “my kids won’t appreciate it after I’m gone,” so may-be I ought to sell it….What do you have that might be worth something?


California, Here I Come!


I’m officially getting excited now–I am road-tripping (is that a word?) out to the central California coast in a couple of weeks.  I’ll be going with my friend Jody again (we did it just about this time last year, too) and again we’ll be leaving husbands home to watch over the homefronts!