How do you spell the color Gray?

I was listing a dark gray men’s shirt (size 5XL!) on eBay when I got to wondering if I’d spelled “gray” correctly.  So I checked it out, and now I’ll know forever.

Well, it turns out that both spellings (gray and grey) are correct. These are both acceptable spellings. Gray is used primarily in the United States and other areas that use US English. Grey is used in Great Britain and areas that use UK English.

The only exceptions to these rules are:

1. Proper nouns such as a last name; Earl Grey and Zane Grey would not be spelled Gray and L.H. Gray must be always be spelled Gray.

2. Greyhound as in the dog breed.

3. Food irradiation (quantity of radiation energy absorbed by the food as it passes through the radiation field during processing). 1 Gray = 0.001 kGy = 1 joule of energy absorbed per kilogram of food irradiated.

When all else fails..

grAy is how it’s spelled in America
grEy is how it’s spelled in England

And if you are interested in seeing the large size shirt, you’ll find it in my Ritzy Rae store:   5XL Gray Shirt


Writing is number 10 on the list….

An old friend pointed out that I’d been neglectful in keeping up my blogging…I suppose that is true.  But there are so many other things in the world to do!  And writing down my experiences always get left for another day….

My daughters often urge me to write.  So I did a little bit, but still, it is something that gets left for tomorrow–and tomorrow often turns into next week…and next week brings another project, so writing conveniently gets left for last.  And like many to-do lists, the bottom thing just never gets done.

I’ve even been trying (and have been somewhat successful) to make a list every morning of the major things I wanted to get done.  Even minor things got on the list.  I like lists, I just don’t like completing them. So I try to keep it pared down to 10 items….but there’s always 10 more things lurking in the back of my mind waiting to be included on the lists.  Sometimes I make two lists.

Back in 2009 when my brother and I were sorting through the family belongings after Dad died, he got me started on lists in the morning.  We sat there with our coffee and tea deciding what needed to be done for that day.  It’s such a good practice–I do believe there are entire books written on how to live with lists, but if I get the book/s I’d do nothing but read instead of implementing their ideas.

Well, look at that–I even have a book in my eBay listings that might help:  The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Organizing your Life.  I’m not saying I’m a complete idiot, but a quick review couldn’t hurt, could it?

Learning about Butterflies

Long ago it was believed by the Indians that if anyone desires a wish to come true they must capture a butterfly and whisper the wish to it.  Since butterflies make no sound, the wish could not be told to anyone other than the Great Spirit.  By making the wish and releasing the butterfly, your wish would be taken to the heavens and granted.
Some cultures believe that butterflies are souls of the dead.  To ensure a baby’s sweet dreams, North American Indians would embroider butterflies on their babies’ caps.  Ancient Greeks considered butterflies an emblem of the immortal soul because it passed through a kind of death in the pupa stage and a resurrection in the adult stage.
I found all this information in the front of a pattern book on my craft shelf–Dragonflies and Butterflies in Plastic Canvas.  The patterns are just gorgeous, but I don’t do plastic canvas…perhaps the patterns can be adapted to other needlework mediums?


Christmas in July!

I don’t normally do anything for Christmas in July…Wards1980Xmas1

but since I’ve been gathering a few old Christmas catalogs,

I thought it might be a good time to put them up on eBay.



Brass Mask?

Well yes, it is brass–because it says so on the sticker on the inside….but, isn’t it stunning?  And yes, I am selling it online…as much as I will miss it, you can find it here on eBay.


Mugging it up

MugsHave you seen my mugs lately?  I have a few listed…slowly working on getting them all into my eBay store.  Feel free to look them over, and if you spot one that you might like to have but you cannot find it for sale, just drop me a line.  We can always work something out!

Does Size Matter?

What fun! It’s not as risque as it looks!  It’s just a dog-lover’s magazine published in England in the mid-1990s.  I was looking for something else on my eBay shelves and came across this tucked away in the corner!


Dogs Today–Published in England July 1996

Adult Coloring Book


Have you tried the new adult coloring books?  Here’s one with paisley designs–ready for your creativity!  It’s listed on auction right now: click here to see it!
The Paisley motif derives its name from the town of Paisley in Scotland, where, in the nineteenth century, machine-woven woolen shawls were manufactured to imitate the luxurious Indian shawls that were imported from Kashmir.
The coma-shaped designs originated with the Moghuls (what they represent is uncertain).  Because the motif is capable of tremendous variety in form and color, it has been favored by designers for use in textiles and graphics.


Beatles Fan Forever!

BeatlesPricesI was a teenager in the 60’s–the Beatles were everywhere!  I still have some of the old Beatles Cards, an old scrap book I made, and one of John’s books.  This Beatles Price Guide shows that one book is worth $50!  I’m just not sure whether I want to get rid of it yet…I keep telling myself “it’s just stuff” and “my kids won’t appreciate it after I’m gone,” so may-be I ought to sell it….What do you have that might be worth something?