Life’s Lessons

Age is just a number. Right now that number is 66, but the “inside me” feels only 44 (at least for today—and it’s early yet).  How did I get so old?  I try not to think about it, but let me tell you a little about me….

I was raised on the central coast of California when the population was half of what it is now (that’s an actual statistic I saw somewhere on the internet last week!).  By the time I graduated from High School I was ready to see the world!  The year was 1966 and the Hippie Movement was rampant:  San Francisco was the City of Love, but all my Dad saw was the riots on the Berkley (University of California) campus, so he announced that he would send me to college anywhere I wanted to go—except California.  I was more Surfer Girl than Hippie, so that wasn’t an issue for me….

I chose a small college in southern Colorado—1500 miles away from home!  I was thrilled to finally be on my own. College years went by quickly and I learned many life lessons…but I got bored with the whole process and decided to quit after my junior year.  Later I realized what a mistake that was since Dad was paying my way!

I moved north to Colorado Springs, got a job, an apartment, and continued learning life lessons in the “real world.”  That’s where I met my husband—John had just returned from Viet Nam and was stationed at Fort Carson (just outside of Colorado Springs).  He and some of his army buddies lived in the apartment across from me and my roommate.

So that’s how I ended up in Nebraska—John was raised in small-town middle-America and planned on returning to school in Lincoln when he got out of the Army.   Two weeks after he left for home I followed him into the vast flat terrain called Nebraska. I was driving my over-stuffed small Japanese car through the late summer heat—just me, all my worldly belongings, and three cats. I remember wondering if and when the flatness would ever end. It “ended” in Aurora, smack dab in the middle of Nebraska, where I met John’s family for the first time.

Fast-forward 45 years:  I am still in Nebraska.  John and I have 8 beautiful daughters, 18 grandchildren, and I have received many more “life lessons” throughout the years.


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