Making Lists

I have decided the best way to stay on track is make a general list for each day.  It should take about 5 minutes in the morning to write out. even if I don’t accomplish everything, at least I am aware of today’s needs and can transfer the undone items to tomorrow.

Here’s my Monday list (in no particular order):  Groceries, Office Max, Lunch w/Steve&Mary, Cookies for mail lady, Laundry, Take Hammy to Lisa’s, Trash pick-up day, Check on Jake.

I have an on-going list for the office:  take pictures, list items on eBay, work on website, organize book shelves.

Wow, I could really get into this list-making:  I could have a list of future scheduling, too.  Let’s see…Sam & Tom will be coming here on the 25th, John has a week-end trip coming up in early July (he takes care of his own stuff, but it’s good for me to be aware that he will be gone), check on July birthdays so I can buy cards all at once….I’m sure there will be more, but you get the idea!

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