Where’s George?

A few years ago I discovered a fun activity—I can track all the one-dollar bills that I spend. There is a free website that you can register on to track your money to see where it is being spent.  If someone else finds your dollar it can be registered and the site sends you an email telling you how far the bill traveled.  Of course, most people are not aware of this system, so the sightings of my dollar bills are few and far between….but I still get excited whenever I have an email showing that one of my bills has been found.


I have a stamp I use to highlight the seal on each bill…other people who do this are always on the look-out for these marks, so I’m hopeful the dollars will be re-registered on the site. Other denominations can also be registered, but most people only do their dollars.  I’ve only seen another bill (a $20) once.

Join me! Go to www.wheresgeorge.com. It’s free for everyone—no strings attached!

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